Carol Zamcheck


Carol Zamcheck is a stonecarver and a printmaker. Her specialty is etchings of Insects . She studied printmaking at C.W. Post College and in Florence Italy. While studying printmaking at C.W. Post college she studied with Harry Hoehn, the inventor of the Hoehnograph process. A process that uses oaktag as a plate and a rubber solution that is painted on the plate…rubber ink is rolled onto the plate which repels the ink. Areas that are not painted print a color when the ink is rolled out. A colorful multiplate process.

After completing her Masters at C.W. Post College...Carol went on to teach arts & crafts for the Department of Corrections in New York City for 5 years to criminal drug addicts. Before continuing on to devote full time to her artwork. "Carol’s main focus now is etchings of insects….which are very whimsical. She has a Youtube of her etchings…which is under her name or insect etchings.


Carol studied stone carving at the Carving Studio in Rutland Vermont…an abandoned Marble quarry that has become an international school for stone carvers. Most of her work is alabaster and some marble. She starts out with a rough piece of stone and with chisels…pneumatic tools…files..rifflers..sandpaper creates a finished piece..It can take about a year.

Carol has shown her stone pieces & printmaking work throughout the metropolitan area and New England. She is a member of the Connecticut Women Artists and the Society of Connecticut Sculptors….She has a Printmaking studio and a Carving shed in Redding Ct. 

Information on YouTube: Carol Zamcheck or insect etchings